Venue and Travel Information

In this year, the annual SIGRAD conference will take place in Building K (Wicksell Lecture Hall, 1st day) and Building H (Linné Lecture Hall, 2nd day) of Linnaeus University (LNU), Växjö, Sweden. With 35,000 students and 2,000 employees, Linnaeus University is one of the larger universities in Sweden. The city of Växjö has a long tradition as both a school and residential city as well as a diocese. Until the beginning of the 1990s, Växjö was also a garrison city. Today, Växjö is an expansive city with more than 83,000 inhabitants, a varied trade industry and a growing university.


If you want to take a flight, we recommend Copenhagen Airport (CPH) as the best reachable airport from Växjö. Växjö itself has a small international airport (VXO), but with restricted flight connections as well as time tables. 

To reach Copenhagen Airport, we strongly recommend to take a train with takes about 2 hours from Växjö. Click here for the train table, from Copenhagen airport to Växjö railway station and vice versa. (Remark: copy "Köbenhavns Lufthavn/Kastrup" and "Växjö Station" and paste into in the fields From and To, respectively). You should note that it is only possible to buy train tickets at Växjö railway station by using a ticket machine. Alternatively, you have to book online.

Travelling between Växjö City and Linnaeus University

For connection between Växjö and LNU, we recommend to take a taxi. The taxi stand is situated at the Resecentrum (the Travel Centre, i.e., the train and bus station).

  • Växjö Taxi: +46 (0)470-135 00 or 
  • Värends Taxi: +46 (0)470-169 00

There are three alternatives for travelling by bus between Resecentrum and the university:

  • Route 7 (Centrum → Universitetet and Universitetet → Centrum) goes directly between Resecentrum and the university and is thus recommended.
  • Another alternative is to take bus No. 1 (Centrum → Teleborg and Teleborg → Centrum) or 
  • No.5 (Centrum → Lugnadal → Teleborg and Teleborg → Lugnadal->Centrum) to/from Teleborgs Centrum, which is located at 8–10 minutes walking distance from the university.

All bus routes are operated by Länstrafiken. Click here for bus time tables.


Please observe that each participant has to book hotel accommodation by him-/herself. Special rates have been negotiated with hotels for participants of the conference; a contingent of rooms were reserved by the local organizers. Please quote the individual booking code for each hotel when booking a room to obtain these rates. A drink reception and the conference diner (social event) will be offered in Teleborg Castle that is located in walking distance to the conference venue. Thus, it would be very convenient for you if you book a room directly in Teleborg Castle. The rooms are very nice, but there is a restricted number of 24 rooms in the castle and the associated gate houses only. Rooms in the gate houses have en-suite facilities. In the castle, bathrooms are found very close to the guest rooms to save the historical atmosphere.

Important: The special room rates are available by a booking date at October 27, 2012. After that date, all room reservations for SIGRAD 2012 that are not booked by conference participants will be canceled. 

  • Teleborgs Slott (Teleborg Castle)
    Booking code: "014633"  
    Prices: 840/1060 SEK for single/double room (per night)
    SE-351 96 Växjö, Sweden
    Phone: +46 (0)470-77 86 60 
    Fax: +46 (0)470-77 89 62
    E-mail: info (at)
  • Elite Stadshotellet Växjö
    Booking code: "1101715, Linnaeus University" (booking via email or phone only)
    Prices: 845/900/1100 SEK for single_standard/single_superior/double_superior room (per night)
    Kungsgatan 6
    Box 198, SE-351 04 Växjö, Sweden
    Phone: +46 (0)470-134 00 
    Fax: +46 (0)470-448 37
    E-mail: reservation.vaxjo (at)

Other possibilities (for cheaper accommodation; no reservation or special prices):

  • Hotell Värend (downtown)
    Kungsgatan 27, 352 33 Växjö
  • Växjö Vandrarhem Evedal (far from university, but nice place: forest & lake, good bus connection)
    L J Brandts väg 11, Evedal, 352 63 Växjö 
  • Skäraton korttidsboende (near university cheap student type accommodation)
    Välluddevägen 1, 352 51 Växjö
    E-mail‎: skaraton (at)

Other Useful Information